Honey, I'm home...!

Welcome, then, to home in cyberspace of one particular member of the Rijhwani family.  When this domain was first registered over 10 years ago I had big ideas of linking up the family across the world, but as it is, it's still just l'il' ol' me.

Q: So just who or what is a Rijhwani?

A: "Rijhwani" is a family name of Sindhi origin.  As a name we are lightly sprinkled around the world.  Obviously the majority are to be found in India.  In addition there are Rijhwanis in England (the author and owner of this domain, and immediate family, included); in Kenya; and in the U.S.A.  In all probability there are others in further branches of the family.  Although modern-day Sindh is a province of largely muslim Pakistan, the family traces its roots to before the violent partition of British India and the bloodshed, from Hindu and Sikh traditions.

Some time back there was a Gulraj Rijhwani hit the news in Canada (something to do with immigration).  He's not a member of this immediate family, and certainly not the Gulraj Rijhwani who appears here, although he and his family are welcome to make contact.

Needless to say, there was supposed to be much more to come than just this little dribble.  Never happened.

Gulraj Rijhwani    <raj@rijhwani.org>
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